Opioid Dependence

Opioid Dependence/Suboxone treatment

I provide treatment for Opiod/Pain medication abuse or dependence with Suboxone treatment. This treatment is very effective to address the opiod dependence since recovery is very high.

Subutex and Suboxone treatment involves initial evaluation and treatment schedule to follow. Patients with pain medication dependence or abuse generally have a very hard time dealing with both physical withdrawal and psychological cravings afterwards.

I  provides medication management and therapy to help in the total recovery.

I offer an office based therapy to patients who need help with their narcotic/opioid dependence or addiction problem (also known as drug use disorder).

This applies to medications like Lortab, Percocet, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Opana, Morphine, Methadone, Heroin, and similar drugs. I do not treat other forms of substance abuse, as there are no FDA approved medications for them.

Patients who have an addiction to narcotics/opioids find it very difficult to quit due to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. For such patients a medication called Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) is available as a tablet or a film. This medication is taken by placing it under the tongue, from where it is rapidly absorbed, and is very effective in preventing symptoms of opioid withdrawal. This is a long acting drug and a single daily dose is sufficient for most patients.

This medication is available by prescription, and is dispensed through pharmacies. Patients are able to carry out this treatment in the privacy and comfort of their home. This medication is gradually reduced by the patient till there is no need for it.

This is a very gentle method, and can be carried out without any disruptions with work or school schedule. It does not require patients to be admitted to a residential facility.

The cost of treatment is much lower than what one spends on buying narcotic drugs illegally. The cost of outpatient treatment is much lower than inpatient/residential rehab.

I have certification to prescribe Suboxone. Currently more than 100 treatment slots are available in my program. I am not an addiction treatment specialist, or an addiction treatment facility. My practice only accepts self-pay patients, from Nashville and surrounding areas.

My program does not require any referral from other Physicians.

Please visit The websites below for help with addiction.

AddictionSurvivors.org : People helping people. It is an online community with chat facilities.


Suboxone Treatment



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