Mental Health


I provide treatment for  adults with various psychiatric conditions. The most common conditions i treat are Major depression, Bipolar disorder, Various anxiety disorders, Psychosis, Substance abuse and Ault ADHD. I conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluation including medical conditions. Some times medical illness may present as psychiatric illness and psychiatric illness may appear to be medical illness. I can distinguish these complex issues and provide individual and family therapy as needed. I have a lot of experience in treating complex patients with ADHD and other coexisting conditions.

I involve family in the treatment, since it helps in understanding the illness. Family therapy will be conducted as needed.

Child and Adoloscents

I had training in child and adolescent psychiatry from Vanderbilt University. I treat both children from age 3 and Adolescents with various emotional conditions. Most challenging with this age group is to conduct family therapy, since a child is part of the family. I have extensive experience in understanding children, Adolescents and families which is essential in understanding the family dynamics and genetics. I conduct interviews with children and parents and discuss all available modalities of  treatment. I will provide information including support from community and school to help children to cope well with emotional issues. I will communicate with schools to help the teachers understand the child with behavior problems
I communicate with child’s pediatricians as well to coordinate medical care, since it is very important to understand medical issues in the treatment.


I routinely conduct psychotherapy, depending on individual needs and issues. I am able provide individual and family therapy due to my experience in this field. I have significant experience in psycho dynamic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and Interpersonal therapy.

Patients recover well with psychotherapy when combined with medication management.

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